Short Term Furnished Apartments – Solutions to Population Overload in Florida

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Cornerstone Furnished Solutions offers short term furnished apartments often used by those undergoing a transition or making a move. Lately, there’s been a large number of United States citizens relocating to the Florida state. In fact, it has been reported that Florida will soon be the third most populous state in the US, and the reasons why are pretty clear. The weather is the biggest and most popular initial draw for Florida relocation.  Those in Northern States especially are taken in by the toasty weather, warm waters, and sunshine. Generally, throughout the year, Florida boasts warm to hot weather no matter what the season. The beaches of Florida are also a huge attraction.

Why Choose Short Term Furnished Apartments for Your Florida Move?

Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. It has such a large number of beaches due to it’s vast coast that those living in the most popular areas of Florida almost always have access to the water. Besides the beauty and warmth, Florida has a lower cost of living than many states in the U.S.  Rent, utilities, and other living expenses are significantly more affordable. Perhaps the largest cost of living change, however, is that Florida has no personal state income tax.  This is a big draw for those used to handing high portions of their paycheck over to the State. The housing market has been getting better and better for re-sellers, making Florida property a great investment. While the purchase prices are still affordable, houses in populated areas are increasing rapidly in property and resale value.  It’s a buyer’s and seller’s market, which makes it a huge attraction for budding property investors. Frequently in large states, one of the main attractions is geographical diversity.  With Florida being one of the larger states, there is an endless opportunity to travel in your own state and have unlimited experiences.

From beaches, to hiking trails, to cities, to amusement parks, you can travel to diverse locations in less than a day for a local mini break. One of these mini breaks include the natural springs scattered throughout the state.  Florida has over 700 natural springs that bring locals and tourists alike to enjoy their beauty. You’ll also never be bored living in Florida.  Entertainment is a huge part of Florida, and the possibilities are endless. Tampa has some of the most renowned dinner shows, while the amusement parks and developing downtown of Orlando will provide non-stop enjoyment. The professional sports teams in Florida are top notch, and Spring training for baseball teams across the country is held in Florida. Sea parks are a Florida staple, so you can swim with dolphins, feed seals, and witness marine wildlife on a regular basis. Relocation to Florida is one of the best reasons to live in one of our short term furnished apartments at Cornerstone while you determine a permanent plan. Come visit the area, become a part of the community, and see all the many reasons why citizens all over the United States are scrambling to move to the state of Florida.

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